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torbo – The mobile sandblasting machine for your project

torbo ENGINEERING KEIZERS GmbH is a manufacturer of torbo wet abrasive blasting systems. Our blasting machines enable almost dust-free, ecological and effective sand blasting for surface treatment. Our blasting process covers a wide range of applications - from gentle cleaning of house facades to the powerful renovation of concrete and steel elements. The torbo wet abrasive blasting machines are available as single units as well as mobile sandblasting machines.

Applications / Blasting Technology

Concrete Refurbishment
Hazardous material remediation
Brick / Facades Cleaning
Monument Preservation
Offshore / Petrochemical
Use in communities

The process

Conventional sandblasting systems such as Vapor abrasive blasting, high-pressure, dustless blasting or slurry blasting machines are often ineffective. In the torbo "grit blasting process", the blasting media and water already meet in the blasting vessel and are conveyed out of the machine with air pressure. This reduces wear on the hose and nozzle. Paints, varnishes and dirt are removed effortlessly, while the sensitive surfaces underneath shine in new brilliance. Consumption is much lower than with other sandblasting machines.

The applications

The surface treatment of the torbo systems ranges from the preservation of historical monuments to the cleaning of facades and the elimination of fire damage. Our blasting system has also been in great demand in the metal, ship and steel industries for many years. Even hardship cases such as osmosis and corrosion (rust), graffiti or old coatings are no problem. The dust-free, mobile and fast blasting method with torbo convinces authorities, the construction industry and specialist companies.

The production

All torbo wet abrasive blasting machines are developed and produced in Germany. We attach great importance to high quality, easy operability and an attractive design. Over the years, a worldwide network of torbo partners has been established, so that customers in other countries also receive fast, professional and reliable help. The torbo sandblasters can be operated almost everywhere effortlessly (even in EX-protected areas) without long preparation time.

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torbo SoftLine

torbo M-L

torbo XL


What our customers say

We are very satiesfield. No health risks during renovation of concrete for the operators.

Zünd AG, Baden (CH)

No emissions, excellent stripping and cleaning; very recommendable.

KAP AG, Luzern (CH)

The demonstration of this system as a one-man-appliance conviced all the experts present of the quantitative and qualitative performance.

Matarpol, Wroclaw (PL)

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