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Steel and ships are exposed to the elements in an extreme fashion

Ships are constantly in contact with salt water, high wave pressure, and salty air. In order for them to be able to reliably fulfill their transport function, they must be regularly restored. Other steel structures such as cranes, masts, or containers must be protected against corrosion and environmental influences.

The torbo wet sandblasting technology offers the ideal solution to rid surfaces of corrosion and/or old coatings.

In conjunction with torboMate, it adheres to magnetic surfaces, remotely and effortlessly processes larger areas of ships and other steel structures.

Rust removal
from steel
Removal of
old coatings
Surface processing
Benefits with torbo
up to 95 % less dust formation
high area coverage thanks to more minimal downtime
independent and easy operation
60% less blasting media and less waste
hardly any flying sparks or static charge
enough roughness for a new coating

Which object have been blastet with torbo so far,

Epoxy couting removal with Rail-Trading Finland.

torbo wet sandblasting technology in use.

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Suitable products

These products are particularly well-suited for this area of application.

The XL Series
torboCar AC30 to AC84
torboMate Crawler
Example applications
Tankers / NO
Tankers / NO
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Ship restorations / DE
Ship restorations / DE
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Power poles / NZ
Power poles / NZ
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Shipyrad / TR
Shipyrad / TR
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