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Wet sandblasting process for cleaning by comparison

The wet sandblasting system from torbo ENGINEERING KEIZERS GmbH offers unique options in the field of cleaning facades, monuments, and similar surfaces.

95% less dust
All blasting media
from 0,1 bar (1,4 psi)
operating pressure

Surfaces are easy to clean gently with the torbo method.

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The cleaning can consist of different causes and the surface of the most different materials, the goal is always identical – the surface should be clean, but not damaged.

When it comes to cleaning, knowledge and technology are crucial. There are many devices and means for cleaning, but only a few are really suitable. If the goal is to preserve the patina, the use of incorrect equipment or high operating pressure will not produce the desired result.
However, if you have the knowledge and the experience, you still need the perfect technique to deliver a perfect job.

The requirements are clear! torbo offers you a device that is can be easily and variably adjusted, works with any blasting media that is heavier than water, and at the same time is environmentally-friendly and has low operating costs.

 Refurbishment with:
torbo Low-pressure
blasting with water
Vortex current blasting Dry ice blasting
Dust formation - low low -
Air-tight enclosure - possible possible -
blasting media use and costs low high  high vergy high
Water consumption up to 1l
(0,26 gal) /min*
10 l (2,64 gal)/min*  10 l (2,64 gal)/min* -
Disposal costs (waste) low high high very low
Maintenance effort (e.g. wear and tear) minimal normal very high  normal
Energy consumption normal normal normal high
Purchase costs normal lower normal normal
Metering of blasting media precise imprecise imprecise imprecise
Metering independent of compressed air yes no no yes
Blasting media selection very wide normal limited very limited
range of use very wide wide limited limited

* depending upon configuration

Further information on application areas
Monument preservation
Monument preservation
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Clinker Brick & Facade Cleaning
Clinker Brick & Facade Cleaning
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Graffiti removal
Graffiti removal
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