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With concrete refurbishment it’s all about one thing: Performance.

Or in other words: The largest possible area coverage with minimal time and use of resources. The use of torbo in concrete refurbishment means blasting with maximum power, amazingly low consumption, and a minimum of dust.

The torbo-system can be used in many areas of concrete refurbishment and concrete cleaning. Starting with the cleaning of concrete sculptures to the roughening of a concrete layer.

concrete surfaces
concrete walls
concrete slurries
Color removal from concrete
Benefits with torbo
up to 60% less use of blasting media
up to 95% less dust
independent and easy operation
high area coverage with torboJet
short set-up times, minimal enclosures
uniform surface structure

Which concrete objects have been blasted so far with torbo

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Suitable products

These products are particularly well-suited for this area of application.

torbo M bis L
The XL Model
torboCar AC50 to AC84
Example applications
Water Tower, Helsingborg / SE
Water Tower, Helsingborg / SE
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Deutsches Museum, Munich / DE
Deutsches Museum, Munich / DE
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Wastefactory, Hagen / DE
Wastefactory, Hagen / DE
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Highway bridge, Utrecht / NL
Highway bridge, Utrecht / NL
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