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Wet sandblasting technology for refurbishment by comparison

Wet sandblasting from torbo ENGINEERING KEIZERS GmbH offers unique advantages in the field of refurbishment of steel, concrete, and similar substrates.

95% less dust
4 - 50°C (39,2 - 122 °F)
in any weather conditions
60% less blasting media

Surfaces can be processed quickly and effectively with the torbo blasting process.

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Alternatives held up to the light

The solution is easy based upon the 100-year tradition: Dry blasting.
From the state of the art, dry-blasting outdoors is prohibited!
- the environment and especially the health of the staff say thank you.

Solutions such as airtight enclosures (time-consuming and cost-intensive), dry blasting with added water (high operating costs, susceptible to failure), maximum water pressure above 2,000 bar (crater landscapes on concrete, no roughness on steel, and high wear and tear costs) result in disadvantages rather than advantages.

Avoidance of dust, reduction of operating costs, cleaned but even concrete surfaces, sufficient roughness depth during steel refurbishment, and high-performance.

The requirements are clear, the answer is simple: torbo

 Refurbishment with:
torbo Dry blasting Dry blasting with
added water
High-pressure water
Dust formation - high lower -
Air-tight enclosure - required possible -
Blasting media consumption low                   very high very high -                     
Water consumption bis 1,2 l
(0,3 gal)/min*
-  ca. 10 l
(2,6 gal)/min**
bis 20 l
(5,3 gal)/min**
static charge (for steel) low very high  high low
ATEX Version option - -  available
Roughness depth on steel good good good not possible
achievable degree of cleaning SA 2,5 SA 3  SA 2,5 SA 2,5
Disposal costs low high  high normal
Maintenance effort (e.g. due to wear and tear) minimal high normal very high
Disruption due to blockages in the tank (e.g. given high air humidity) none high frequently in nozzle/tank none
Sustainability high - - medium
Purchase costs medium lower lower high

* according to configuration ** according to devicet

Further information on application areas
Steel and Ship Restoration
Steel and Ship Restoration
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Concrete refurbishment
Concrete refurbishment
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Offshore & Petrochemical
Offshore & Petrochemical
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