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Our partner network

The torbo ENGINEERING KEIZERS GmbH partner network, based in Borken (Westphalia), covers the entire globe. This allows torbo to guarantee its customers reliable, fast, and professional help anywhere in the world. Torbo partners work closely with the manufacturer.

Whether a repair is due or original spare parts are needed, thanks to the close connection between the local dealer and the manufacturer of wet sandblasting devices, repairs are made promptly according to manufacturer specifications.

Are you interested now? Then maybe you’ll be a torbo partner soon too!
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Be a torbo partner soon too!

Do you already sell other construction machines, blasting systems, or professional tools? Would you like to expand your range with the torbo products?

Then get in touch with us. Together we can pinpoint the possibilities for you and familiarize you with our company, our devices, and the unique technology behind it. As soon as the formalities have been clarified and you are familiar with the handling and technology of our systems, we can clarify any special features, such as import conditions (outside the EU), and find the ideal path for you together.

It’s a promise.

But don't worry, we won't leave you alone afterwards! Do you have questions because a customer came to you with an older model? Or because you can't get the customer's machine up and running again?

We would be happy to assist you with detailed documentation on older models, with telephone support for repair, and of course with spare parts deliveries from our company.

50 countries with torbo
contract partners
Personal delivery
to your location
35 years of experience
in wet sand blasting
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