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The interaction of blasting media, water, and pressure is decisive. This technique is so universal because these three factors can be individually and independently metered in torbo wet sandblasting. Torbo offers an effective and low-cost alternative to a wide variety of cleaning and refurbishment procedures.

The torbo technology:

In the working process, each grain of the blasting media is already covered with water in the tank. This is how dust protection is activated most effectively. The surface tension of the water forms each blasting grain into a perfect sphere, which optimally fits into the air stream and ensures optimized flow velocity.

The water jacket acts as a lubricant that minimizes wear on hoses and nozzles of the system. On the surface, the grain immediately stops completely, while the water envelope continues to move, preventing the blasting grain from bouncing off.

Then the water envelope opens and pulls the grain down with it. The result is a cleaned surface.

Your benefits with torbo
up to 95% less dust
easy to use
high area coverage
up to 60% less blasting media
gentle to powerful
hardly any enclosure necessary
short set-up times
1 Pers. to operate
200 m (656 ft)
Height differnce possible
4°C - 50°C (39,2 - 122 °F)
operating temperature
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Example applications
Deutsches Museum, Munich / DE
Deutsches Museum, Munich / DE
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Marble Church, Kopenhagen / DK
Marble Church, Kopenhagen / DK
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Tank farm, Minden / D - BP & Texaco / NL
Tank farm, Minden / D - BP & Texaco / NL
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School, Duisburg-Hochfeld / DE
School, Duisburg-Hochfeld / DE
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