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We regularly offer various training courses for users and project managers or service personnel at our company headquarters in Borken.

Our training director, Mr. Michael Töppich, teaches the technical basics and can answer any and all technical questions. Together with our sales managers, he reports on experience from everyday life and helps trainees find the right training for your needs.

Target group Training type
Special features
For users Beginners Valid for 1 year,
First time using torbo,
renters of torbo machines
  Advanced users Valid for 5 years,
works (in the future) regularly with torbo,
service provider with torbo machine
  Refresher Validity depends upon type of use
for expired training deadline,
as a general refresher
  "Soft" Affects only gentle cleaning with torbo
e.g. monument preservation
  "Power" Affects only powerful cleaning with torbo
e.g. concrete blasting
For service Beginners Valid for 1 year,
for service beginners or those interested
Users with little knowledge
  Intense Validity depends upon collaboration;
primarily affects torbo partners
  Refresher Validity depends upon collaboration
as well as current model range of the machines
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The training badge

At the end of the training, participants will receive a training badge similar to a driver's license. The badge not only serves as proof of completed training and its validity, but also identifies the trainee participant to customers, etc. as a specialist in handling torbo machines.

The back of the training badge lists the possible training types. This shows which training the badge holder received and how long the training is valid for. Badge holders should also remember to schedule a new training meeting with us in due time before the deadline.

50 countries with torbo
contract partners
Personal contacts
35 years of experience
in wet sandblasting
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