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The original: Wet sandblasting devices from the inventor

For 35 years, torbo ENGINEERING KEIZERS GmbH has been setting the standard worldwide with which wet sandblasting devices have to compete.

We developed and patented the concept. Our expertise, technical innovations, and practical experience flow into our new developments. torbo wet sandblasting equipment: Engineering services Made in Germany. We guarantee a degree of quality that pays off in hard everyday use thanks to its reliability and durability.

Information about the most common applications can be found here. If you have any questions or would like a demonstration, we would be happy to advise you personally. Give us a call or send us an email.

We’ll be happy to help you find exactly the machine that meets your requirements. We’ll help you quickly, reliably, and at any time!
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torbo ENGINEERING KEIZERS GmbH is regarded worldwide as the epitome of state-of-the-art blasting technology featuring universal application possibilities and excellent cost savings. Quality Made in Germany, excellent advice, training, and an absolute customer orientation are a given with us.

  • 1974 to 1984 Josef Keizers, Sr., Master Craftsman with his own natural and concrete stonework factory, develops the first wet sandblasting machine. Time and again his customers had asked him to clean different (stone) surfaces. He wasn't convinced by the technology he found on the market at the time. That's why he developed a completely new concept with wet sandblasting.
  • 1984 Josef Keizers, Sr. patents the innovative idea and founds the company torbo Technik. One invention after another comes in the years that follow. New device types for more and more applications are being developed. His own high standards of practicality, versatility, and longevity of the devices were decisive for him. The success story of his invention was as fast-paced as it was international.
  • 1991 The company changes its name to torbo ENGINEERING KEIZERS GmbH, which is still managed by Josef Keizers, Jr. to this day. As an engineer, he ensures constant technical innovations.
  • 2002 torbo ENGINEERING KEIZERS GmbH moves into its new headquarters, from which the national and international business relationships are built.
  • 2009 25 Years of torbo! These products from North Rhine-Westphalia are valued and successfully used in over fifty countries around the world. Their number continues to grow.
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