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Solid wood is a living material that needs special care

Paints, waterproofing, and preservatives help to preserve its beauty and functionality for many years to come. However, these also need a renewal after a while to seal the wood for the long term and to protect against weathering.

The torbo wet sandblasting machines can be individually adapted to the hardness of the wood, clean effectively, and remove – with minimal pressure – traces of weathering or old varnish and paint layers.

of weathering
wooden boats
Substrate preparation
of wooden facades
Cleaning of
wood surfaces
Benefits with torbo
minimal dust formation - up to 95 % less
economical in terms of blasting media use
safe and gentle to the surface
very versatile
no airtight enclosure needed
easy to use - independent metering

Which wodden objects have been blasted so far with torbo

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Suitable products

These products are particularly well-suited for this area of application.

torbo SoftLine
torbo M bis L
Example applications
Wooden terrace, Donaueschingen / DE
Wooden terrace, Donaueschingen / DE
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Wooden boat, Berlin / DE
Wooden boat, Berlin / DE
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Cleaning a wooden church, Lappeenranta / FI
Cleaning a wooden church, Lappeenranta / FI
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Church pews, Duisburg / DE
Church pews, Duisburg / DE
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