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Historical buildings and works of art, sculptures, and monuments

These are exposed to numerous strains in public space, which endanger their survival. In addition to deliberate damage, it is above all airborne contaminants that cause damage to the irreplaceable cultural assets.

With the torbo wet sandblasting system you can stop the ruin of these historic cultural assets. With the torbo process, even coarse dirt is easily removed, without the slightest damage to the highly sensitive surface of the monument.

Preservation of the historic patina
Cleaning sensitive
natural stone
of deposits
Benefits with torbo
low working pressure for gentle cleaning
finest blasting media can be used
very little dust - environmentally friendly
easy and independent pressure settings
economical use of blasting media from 18 kg (39 lbs)/h
short set-up times

Which Monuments have been blasted so far with torbo

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Suitable products

These products are particularly well-suited for this area of application.

torbo SoftLine
torbo M bis L
Example applications
Graveyard, Möhringen / DE
Graveyard, Möhringen / DE
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Eglise du Val de Grâce, Paris / FR
Eglise du Val de Grâce, Paris / FR
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Marble cross, Black Forest/ DE
Marble cross, Black Forest/ DE
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Monument, Lenzinghausen / DE
Monument, Lenzinghausen / DE
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