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Graffiti - Chewing gum -
Road markings

The damage caused by graffiti on buildings and public transport in Germany amounts to an estimated 250 to 500 million euros every year.

But it isn't just graffiti that has no chance against torbo. The torbo wet sandblasting technology is versatile and can be used in road rehabilitation, facade cleaning, or monument preservation. The torboCar mobile compact systems are the perfect work equipment: low-wear and cost-effective.

Graffiti removal
Removal of
road markings
Cleaning sidewalks
Cleaning statuaries
Benefits with torbo
individual and easy to use
only minimal dust formation
especially economical in terms of consumption
minimal to no enclosure necessary
adjustable to different surfaces
many options when selecting blasting media

Which fassades, concrete and steel objects have been blasted so far with torbo

In addition, torbo accompanied Kommunalservice Jena with its torbo AC50 on a pedestrian tunnel during blasting work.

Are you looking for a machine that meets the requirements of your commune? We'll help you find the right one!
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Suitable products

These products are particularly well-suited for this area of application.

torbo SoftLine
torbo M bis L
torboCar AC30 bis AC84
Example applications
Graffiti removal at a wall, Toscano / IT
Graffiti removal at a wall, Toscano / IT
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School, Duisburg-Hochfeld / DE
School, Duisburg-Hochfeld / DE
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Hotel with electro-house, Krefeld / DE
Hotel with electro-house, Krefeld / DE
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Residential building, Duisburg / DE
Residential building, Duisburg / DE
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