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Facades are made up of various materials

Facades require regular cleaning due to environmental influences (exhaust emissions, dust, and rain) and human intervention (graffiti, waterproofing, plaster). However, clinker brick, plaster, sandstone, or joints react differently to erosive processes.

This is where the torbo advantage of the individual setting options of water, blasting media, and pressure comes into play. In this way brick, natural stone, and joints are cleaned of stubborn dirt or paint layers in both a gentle and surface-friendly fashion.

Cleans at the same
time Bricks & Joints
Removes tough contaminants
One operation for different types of dirt
Also applicable to
sensitive sandstone facades
Benefits with torbo
short set-up times - minimal enclosures
environmentally friendly - little dust
very easy to operate
minimal consumption of blasting media and water
high area coverage possible
versatile - adjustable to any substrate

Which clinker objects & facades have already been cleaned with torbo

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Suitable products

These products are particularly well-suited for this area of application.

torbo SoftLine
torbo M to L
Example applications
Palace Velen / DE
Palace Velen / DE
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Cleaning Jusitia at Stahlhof, Düsseldorf / DE
Cleaning Jusitia at Stahlhof, Düsseldorf / DE
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Apartment settlement, Duisburg / DE
Apartment settlement, Duisburg / DE
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Courthouse, Bielefeld / DE
Courthouse, Bielefeld / DE
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