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Small, but wow!

This compact wet blasting unit is the smallest of the torbo fixed blasting units and the specialist for delicate work: It removes all types of dirt even on highly sensitive surfaces, such as e.g. soft natural stone. The structure of the building remains intact and is not damaged. It is time-saving, effective, and given its one-person operation, right at home when not only a perfect cleaning result is needed, but also the protection and preservation of sensitive surfaces.

Therefore, it is used especially for blasting work on monuments and facades.

SoftLine S
Strengths at a glance:

It removes dirt from sensitive surfaces such as natural stone, clinker brick, GRP, and much more.

The SoftLine is especially suitable for fine to very fine work. Its advantages include: minimal blasting media and water consumption, no extra air dryer, no extra water hose to the blast nozzle, and no heavy or expensive nozzles. Thanks to its control, the blasting media mixture (80% abrasive and 20% water) is metered independently of the compressed air. This allows for a surface-matched, optimal fine adjustment of both parameters.

15,8 gal (60 l) Tank volume
3/4" Compressed air connection
141 cfm (4,0 m³/min) max.
Compressed air connection
Your most important benefits
Easy to use
Economical in terms consumption
Perfect metering
No extra air dry needed

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  • Control with 12 V or pneumatic
  • integrated rapid shutdown in the cabinet
  • Water connection for the filling funnel
  • Stainless steel control cabinet
  • ATEX construction
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  Unit SoftLine
Tank size l (dm³)
Cu. ft.
Tank pressure, max. bar
Empty weight kg
115 - 130
250 - 290
Dimensions (W x D x H) approx. mm
520 x 570 x 990
20 x 22 x 39
Compressed air connection size mm
Compressed air connection (min.–max.) m³/min
Cu ft. per min.
2,2 - 4,0
78 - 142
4,0 - 10,0
58 - 147
Power supply (on elec. version) Volt / Watt 12 / 4
Water connection (min.–max.) bar
0,2 - 12,0
0 - 174
Blasting hose connection mm
Standard blasting mixture Blasting media/Water 80% / 20%
Average blasting time per filling (at 1 L/min.) Std. (h) 1,0
Blasting time (100% usage duration) Std. (h) 3,1 - 0,3
Blasting media consumption l/Std. (h)
gph (US)
14,4 - 144
3,8 - 38
Water consumption during blasting l/Std. (h)
gph (US)
3,6 - 36
1 - 9,5
Example applications
Residential building, Duisburg / DE
Residential building, Duisburg / DE
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Marble Church, Kopenhagen / DK
Marble Church, Kopenhagen / DK
Show more
Wooden terrace, Donaueschingen / DE
Wooden terrace, Donaueschingen / DE
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Basilica Notre Dame / AL
Basilica Notre Dame / AL
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