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Removal of paint layers on plastic surfaces

Plastics and glass fiber reinforced plastics (GRP) can be gently and thoroughly cleaned with torbo wet sandblasters.

Whereas dry blasting or chemicals attack the surface, become porous and dull due to the high blasting pressure or corrosive additives, wet sandblasting technology cleans and protects the surface without damaging the surface. Thus, plastics are e.g. intensively cleaned and prepared for new coats of paint.

Cleaning modern
wind turbines
of antifouling
Osmosis treatment
Cleaning plastics
Benefits with torbo
minimal to no enclosure necessary
easy ans safe operation
up to 95 % less dust formation
even and gentle stripping
minimal use of blasting media
gentle and strength-adjustable

Which plastic objects have already been blasted with torbo,

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Suitable products

These products are particularly well-suited for this area of application.

torbo SoftLine
torbo M to L
torboCar AC30 to AC84
Example applications
Plastic boat, Berlin / DE
Plastic boat, Berlin / DE
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Windfarm / DE
Windfarm / DE
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Plastic boat, yacht habour Greven / DE
Plastic boat, yacht habour Greven / DE
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Pond basin, Borken / DE
Pond basin, Borken / DE
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