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An overview of applications

Wet sand blasting – a technology prevails

Wet sand blasting is establishing itself more and more in the preparation of industrial surfaces. This method already adds water to the blast abrasive in the tank and operates throughout the process with an abrasive-water-mixture. With this technology we speak about genuine wet sand blasting as pressurised water is used to produce pressure and to blast abrasive out of the tank. The formation of extremely fine dust particles, which occurs with conventional dry blasting, is reduced by 95% with our technology. All kinds of blast cleaning jobs, from gentle to powerful can be performed using just this one type of machine. The compressed air, which together with the blast abrasive makes up the aggressiveness of the jet, is regulated independent of the quantity of blast abrasive or its conveyance. Whether it is burnt-in old paint coats on thin aluminium shutters, coated steel girders or big differences in height of up 820 ft. that need to be dealt with, this technique can be used on almost every surface in every kind of weather (above 32°F) and is already in use in over 40 countries in completely different climatic zones.


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Further advantages of torbo units


Economic efficiency

These patented wet sand blast systems offer elementary advantages where operating costs are concerned: the blasting abrasive does not need dry storage. At the same time we use 60% less abrasive and water with this method, which is not only environmental-friendly but also considerably more economic. A special dispensing valve makes these savings possible without any reduction in performance. This results in a 50% reduction in the amount of waste generated, which especially in the case of polluted waste paint reduces the enormously increased disposal costs of up to USD 230,-- per ton by half. Due to the 95% reduction in dust, these machines can be used even in critical situations such as in confined spaces, in the vicinity of highly sensitive technical devices or in areas open to the public.



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Advantages of the wet abrasive sandblasting of concrete:

Advantages of the wet abrasive sandblasting of steel / ships:


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