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They belong to every cityscape as the town hall or the marketplace - graffiti. For some they are a term of art, for other they are disturbing scribblings. With spread of graffiti vandalism demand grew by simple removal methods. But it is precisely here advised many techniques to their limits. The result is in most cases a semi-clean object and in the worst case the surface below has been damaged.



The situation is different when using a torbo device. The single blast grains encased by water hits the object. While the blasting media removes the ink layer, the water jacket prevents damage to the substrate. With individually adjustable pressure torbo can be easily adapted to any object - from sensitive sandstone up to the concrete substrate. The result with torbo is a color free facade without margins. So it's no wonder that numerous municipalities rely on torbo and the cityscape are finally clean again.




But not only municipalities, but also numerous service companies know and use the broad application range of torbo. For example, an article about the company TEREG from Hamburg, published in the August issue of "Rationell Reinigen" (Holzmann Medien GmbH & Co. KG) - a German specialist journal. The Hanseatic citizen are satisfied users of torbo machines for many years now. Just recently they have also acquired a torboCar and present the new trailer very pride in this article.


What projects have been otherwise been blasted with torbo, you will see in our sample database.

To find out which machine is the right choice for your graffiti removal, please do not hesitate to contact us. Simply call or write an email!


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