Tokiwabashi Bridge is clean again


Tokyo is the pulsating, modern capital of Japan. A small, inconspicuous construction like the Tokiwabashi bridge can sometimes be omitted from the viewer. This makes this bridge no less interesting. For about 140 years it leads the people here from one side of the Nihonbashi River to the other. Built in 1877 on behalf of the Emperor, this bridge has, among other things, defied two world wars. Nevertheless, the overpass caused by weather and traffic has lost some of its beauty.



Thus, the bridge still survive many more years, so a restoration should be done. While other techniques of well-known manufacturers at neighboring bridges caused more damage than cleanliness, now this time they wanted to use the torbo technique. The torbo Softline50, the device for particularly sensitive tasks, should now make it.
In painstaking work, the right blasting media was first determined and then the correct settings of water, blasting media and air pressure. The choice of the blasting nozzle is often a decisive factor in cleaning such highly sensitive materials. Therefore, the decision was based on the rotation nozzle, which can be used for very carefully work thanks to special air supply.


In part, the construction of the Tokiwabashi bridge was even dismantled, cleaned and rebuilt stone by stone to achieve the best result. The contamination of the last 140 years could be removed in this way, without the material of the bridge is also being attacked or damaged. In the end, the people in charge agreed that the torbo system can be applied without hesitation even in the case of highly sensitive objects. We are pleased that we could help to save a historical part of Tokyo.


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