Decoating of container was never easier



Sandblasting in metalworking is an undisputed fact. Whether cleaning, grinding, matting, deburring, de-rusting and decoating - sandblasting is good and fast. However, in the case of rust removal and de-coating, a steady hand is required with conventional blasting systems in order not to damage the surface under the paint or the rust. But it's different with torbo. Thanks to its flexible setting options, torbo can achieve a uniform, clean result on every surface.

You can download the current leaflet "Container restoration with torbo" here (PDF-file).



Over the past few months and weeks, the companies Mobile Mini and Elliot Group, learned more about torbo. Thanks to the torbo partners of Ecoblast Supplies Ltd. they determine that torbo is much faster and easier if you need to clean containers.

The mixture of water and blasting media removes coatings (even several centimeters) effortlessly and also removes rusty spots. Neither the metal surface of the container nor its weld seam or any parts (doors, mounting steps, etc.) will be damaged.


The result has inspired the companies in the United Kingdom. This is why numerous torbo systems are now on the road in the field of container blasting. And there is no limit to the possible applications of the system: freight containers, office containers, military containers, residential containers and so on.

However, the advantages extend far beyond the scope of application. The sandblasting of containers is much easier because of the enormous time savings thanks to short setup times and fast advance, up to a blasting abrasion of up to 50% compared to dry blasting.


For more information on this project and a few videos of the local blasting, please visit the website of our partner Ecoblast Supplies Ltd.


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