Facade cleaning in a gentle way



Facades, whether made of natural stone, clinker, concrete or wood, not only provide protection against weather, noise and dirt, but also shape the appearance of each city. Over the years, however, facades lose their beautiful appearance and, in some cases, their functional capacity due to the constant environmental influences. So regular and careful cleaning is essential. However, this is not always easy, since the very sensitive substrates require perception when removing the impurities and coatings (e. g. removing paint).

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In hardly any other area are the substrates so different to be treated: from natural stone, to clinker and concrete blocks to wood or metal facades. Even more complicated is the wide range of possible tasks: removal of soiling, removal of old paints, gum and graffiti removal, cleaning of stones and joints, are only a few of many possible applications. It is hardly conceivable that a device should suffice to fulfill all these tasks. But with torbo wet abrasive sandblasting systems this is feasible.


The torbo process is extremely gentle and effective at the same time. The blasting media is blasted against the facade in a well-measured water jet. The water coat, which is placed around the every blasting media grain, prevents the surface from being damaged when it hits the surface and at the same time it prevents the removed particles (e. g. paintbrushes) to get into the air (hardly any dust). Due to the infinitely adjustable water pressure, the cleaning effect has to be precisely dosed so that even the most sensitive and uneven surfaces can be cleaned without a damage. However, even stubborn soiling such as graffitis can be easily removed.




Well-known objects

A lot of well-know facades has already been cleaned by using a torbo wet abrasive sandblasting machine: the Völkerschlacht monument in Leipzig/Germany, the German Museum in Munich/Germany, the Campo Pequeno in Lisbon/Portugal and the Charlesbridge in Prague/Czech Republic. What other facade cleaning projects have been blasted with torbo can be seen in our sample database.

You can find more about facade cleaning here.

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