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If you are thinking of wind parks you mostly have the enormous wind plants in mind, which are often shape of the landscape. Renewable energies are becoming increasingly important for our society. However, building a wind park is not enough. The huge windmills need care.
Many of these giants are mainly installed in the coastal area or directly in the water. Salt-laden seawater and weather influences leave their traces after some time. Anyone who does not act now will risk that the wind turbines will become ailing sooner or even have to be completely replaced.


To prevent this situation from occurring, the giants must be freed from rust and dirt. A simple "general purpose weapon" on the other hand is the torbo wet sandblasting system.

The torbo systems can easily be used at high altitudes (up to 200 m difference in height between unit and nozzle), can be used independently of the weather (at least 4° C) and consume much less water and abrasive than other comparable processes , The system can be simply adjusted to the respective substrate, thanks to the unrestricted possibility of adjustment of water, blasting media and air pressure.

You can download the current leaflet "Windparks" here (PDF-file).


Many well-known companies rely on torbo for the maintenance or repair of their wind parks.
The simple handling and the great consumption of consumables are unbeatable.

The devices are used very differently: while some use the devices on the mounted wind turbines to remove rust and dirt, other companies are already using the torbo systems during production. For example, the rotor blades are torbo-roughened after the baking process so that the coatings adhere better to them.


We're here to help...

torbo systems can be used in a wide range of applications in the field of wind power plants. Of course, we will be happy to help you if you are not sure if torbo is the right solution for your problem.

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